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Building codes require finished basements to have an emergency egress window, or a window installed with a well that includes steps large enough to exit through.

Emergency egress windows & wells in Ohio

Ohio Basement Authority offers superior quality egress window installations in Greater Columbus.

Building codes require finished basements to have an emergency egress window, or a window installed with a well that includes steps large enough to exit through. At Ohio Basement Authority, we take your family’s safety seriously, so we offer the highest-quality basement egress windows that will not only provide a secure exit in the event of an emergency but will also allow for more natural light and fresh air in your below-grade space.

If you have a finished basement or plan on adapting your below-grade space into a living area in the future, consider superior quality basement egress windows from us. We are certified egress window installers in Greater Columbus, Dayton, Mansfield, Springfield and throughout southern Ohio. Click below to schedule a free estimate today!
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Emergency egress window requirements

International Residential Building Codes requires livable basements to have emergency egress windows. At Ohio Basement Authority, we assure the highest quality Bilco and RockWell basement egress windows that improve your below-grade space with enhanced security, more natural light, and added fresh air, all while following strict building requirements, including:
Minimum net clearance of 5.7 square feet
Minimum net clearance width should be 20 inches
Window wells must have a permanently affixed ladder or steps.
Minimum net clearance opening height should be 24 inches
The maximum bottom height of the floor opening should be 44 inches

Our basement egress windows

Grip/Step Egress Windows

Safety: Offers a unique “Grip/Step” design that features a convenient handle and gusseted step to meet egress building code requirements, providing a safe exit in an emergency situation.
Durable Quality:Egress windows are designed from maintenance-free materials that never rust, rot, or need replacing.
Code-Compliant: Satisfies the IRC 2018 emergency egress building code requirements in a finished basement.

Egress Windows

Easier Access:Accommodates a greater height range than the average egress window well.
Home Enhancing:Provides a beautiful open space that makes a basement room feel larger and brighter, adding great curb appeal and an aesthetically pleasing view both inside the house and outside.
Added Safety: Built-in safety-steps to allow for an easy emergency exit. In window wells that are deeper than 44 inches below ground level, IRC Egress Code requires there be steps or permanently affixed ladders to accommodate exiting the basement.


6269 Lithopolis Rd
Carroll, OH 43112
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6269 Lithopolis Rd
Carroll, OH 43112


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