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Over time, it’s inevitable for basements to get exposed to moisture due to humidity or heavy rains. When this moisture gets accumulated inside your basement, the resulting effects include damp walls and musty smells. To keep your basement dry and hygienic, you can always rely on the high-quality waterproofing services that our experts offer.

Signs that Your Basement Waterproofing Has A Problem

Does your basement feel damp and musty? Want to avoid the after-heavy-rainfall horror story? Let’s take a quick dive into why your basement needs waterproofing.

Cracks in the basement floor concrete

Many homeowners constantly agonize over their wet basements. While you can’t prevent the water from seeping upwards into the basement floor, you can always lean on our professional waterproofing and foundation repair company to permanently protect the floors from moisture.
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Basement subject to flooding

Is your basement at risk of flooding? Does the rainy season cause a chaotic basement situation? Let our waterproofing and basement repair experts take care of that for you.
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Windows that leak

Basement windows are the main reason behind the flooding in the below-grade area. On waterproofing the windows, you can put an end to this issue.
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Leaking basement wall

Seemingly harmless at first, leaking basement walls can quickly turn into a serious issue, causing the entire basement area to smell musty. Professional basement repair and waterproofing services can make this problem go away.
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What Causes Basement Waterproofing Problems?


Walking to your basement only to discover water, dampness, mold, and moisture is not exactly a pleasant experience. The team of experts from Basement Remedy provides the most efficient waterproofing solutions so you don’t have to deal with unnecessary water accumulation in your basement. Here’s what causes unpleasant moisture in your basement:

1- Poor exterior drainage
2- Hydrostatic pressure and the Clay Bowl Effect
3- An inefficient Sump Pump mechanism

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What Solutions Work for Basement Waterproofing Repair?

At Basement Remedy, our top-notch, permanent waterproofing solutions are be customized for each and every house. Our high-end inventory includes all the necessary equipment to offer you only the best quality of solutions.

Basement Dehumidifiers

Our energy-efficient dehumidifiers are a powerhouse that releases dry air throughout the basement space. From basement area to the crawl space, we wring out the moisture from every nook and corner of a space.

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High-efficiency Sump Pump

Our reliable sump pumps come with the sophisticated drying ability that your basement needs.

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Fail-proof Window Repair

Since windows are one of the main passageways for water to flood the basement, we provide fail-proof window repair services to ensure no water leaks into the basement.
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Which options are best for repairing my foundation?

Does Your Basement Waterproofing Require Fixing? Basement Remedy Can Help!

Without high-efficiency waterproofing solutions, basements can easily become damp, wet, and moldy spaces. Frequent precipitation, excessive silt, and clay soil can come together to worsen the health of your basement. This is why Basement Remedy comes with sophisticated waterproofing solutions to stabilize the basement (and the overall house’s) safety and health. With extensive experience and deep knowledge about our work, we ensure you receive the best permanent waterproofing solutions to keep your basement dry and clean. More importantly, we customize our service as per your house. By diving deep and cleansing the problem from its very roots, we provide solutions you would love. Connect with us to get a free estimate from our experts.

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6269 Lithopolis Rd
Carroll, OH 43112
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6269 Lithopolis Rd
Carroll, OH 43112


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