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Have you recently noticed mold growth or a foul smell coming from your floor? Do your floors seem bouncy or saggy? Have you noticed anything peculiar about them? Crawl space issues come with many signs that may indicate the requirement for an immediate repair. Delaying to act on your crawl space repair can cause hazardous issues ranging from pest infestations to mold growths. The only solution for your complicated crawl space problems would be high-quality crawl space and basement repair solutions by a professional company. Read on to identify the signs of crawl space problems and how you can get them fixed.

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Signs that Your Crawl Space Has A Problem

Not acting on your home’s crawl space issues can cause mildew or mold growth and poor quality of air. These problems can in turn pose a risk to your family living inside the house. Before things go out of hand with your crawl space, it’s best to identify what is causing it and how you can get it fixed.

Wood Rot

While wood rot might not seem like a problem as serious as a pest infection, it can nevertheless cause detrimental damage to your entire crawl space. A professional crawl space repair company can help put an end to it – once and for all.
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Condensation in your crawl space

When ignored, crawl space condensation can damage the entire crawl space area, ultimately burning a hole in your pocket. Getting this issue out of the way sooner can be economical in the long run.

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Saggy or bouncy floors

When excess water starts to accumulate in the lower layers of your crawl space, you can notice the direct impact on the floors. Professional help can get the unnecessary moisture out for a dry and hygienic crawl space.

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What Causes Crawl Space Problems?


While crawl space issues can be triggered by a variety of factors, here are the most common and noticeable causes:

1- Sagging floors resulting from a warm climate
2- Water leakage causing uneven floors
3- Cold temperatures
4- Increased humidity

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When foundation stabilization is the goal, the products and solutions used matter. Ohio Basement Authority uses custom-designed, high-quality products to repair your sinking foundation or bowing basement wall. Learn what makes Ohio Basement Authority the best by browsing several foundation repair solutions your inspector may suggest.


Strong and stable. Our pier system will permanently solve your foundation settlement problem.
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The Wall Anchor System permanently stabilizes your foundation walls, offering the best opportunity to straighten the walls without the cost and disruption of foundation replacement.
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Stronger than steel, hi-tech carbon fiber reinforcement can provide a permanent repair for cracked & bowed basement walls
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The Channel Anchor System permanently stabilizes and repairs bowing or tilting foundation walls — without the cost and disruption of total foundation replacement.
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Which options are best for repairing my foundation?

Is Foundation Repair the Right Solution for Me?

When you notice any signs of crawl space decay, it’s best to take immediate action and reach out to a high-quality professional crawl space repairing company. At Basement Remedy, our expertise provides you with long-lasting repairs through our innovative crawl space repair and encapsulation solutions.

Homeowners across Ohio trust us with issues like crawl space and basement repair, waterproofing, and foundation repair (to name a few). Our highly trained crawl space repair experts help you get rid of saggy floors, pest infestations, mold growth, or floor inconsistencies caused by changing temperatures. While crawl space issues can pose potential health hazards, they can also end up causing irreversible structural damage to your home or office. Our goal, as always, is to delve into the root of your crawl space problems to provide valuable services that last for years to come. Put an end to disastrous problems by choosing our high-quality crawl space repair and encapsulation solutions. Ask us for a free estimate – we’re more than happy to help!

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6269 Lithopolis Rd
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6269 Lithopolis Rd
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