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Helping Central Ohio Access Quality Foundation-Repair Solutions

The foundation of Basement Remedy is built upon high-quality customized services, integrity, and honesty

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The foundation of Basement Remedy is built upon high-quality customized services, integrity, and honesty. We are a veteran-owned and operated company, and we are proud to hire employees who are also Nations Military Veterans. We are equipped with comprehensive knowledge and high-quality workmanship to offer meaningful home repair services to our customers. We work hard to ensure the work we do lasts for years to come.

Our customized service model does not follow a one-size-fits-all belief. We always go the extra mile to conduct a thorough research about a homeowner's repair needs and how we can scientifically bring them to fruition. Our range of quality solutions includes foundation and basement repair, waterproofing, crawl space repair, historical masonry repairs, interior, and exterior drainage systems, and bowed, cracked, and poured wall repair.

We understand that a home is a valuable investment in itself. We also understand how discovering structural issues out of the blue can be distressing for homeowners. This is why we take it upon us to guide them in terms of understanding how exactly home repairs work. Our team includes qualified professionals who have the necessary skill set to do a commendable job with each one of our projects.

Our Knowledge Precedes Us – We Know Exactly What Your Home Needs

We have a comprehensive knowledge of the soil found in Ohio and the quality of that soil in different locations. Soil is one of the factors we consider while designing customized home repair strategies for our customers. For example, a place that has an abundance of clay soil can make it difficult for a homeowner to build foundations that are meant to last. For these customers, we tailor repair or installation strategies based on the quality of soil here. One of the main reasons our customers enjoy working with us is because we understand exactly what they want and even deliver it!
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Offering Quality Services That Last for Years

Our Ohio-based foundation repair and waterproofing company cares deeply about offering only the highest-quality solution to our customers. With an Angi rating of 5.0 out of 5.0 stars, our customers cherish the rock-solid repairs we provide. Our ratings are a testament to the quality of customer services that we provide, including but not limited to:

Foundation Repair

Our foundation repair services relieve frustrated homeowners from persistent foundation issues like cracked brickwork, shifting and sinking foundation, and sticking doors and windows, to name a few.
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Crawl Space Repair

We help homeowners across Ohio breathe a sigh of relief by protecting them and their house from crawl space issues that generally result in sickness among the residents living with it on a daily basis.
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Basement Waterproofing

With the help of our high-end and high-quality waterproofing services, we help a homeowner keep their house and basement clean and dry.
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High-End Drainage Solutions

By providing innovative drainage solutions, including but not limited to interior and exterior drainage system installations, we keep houses of homeowners safe from hazards that can infiltrate the basement and crawl space.
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Home and Residential Services

Our services in Ohio are not just limited to houses. We provide equally unparalleled services to residential sites.
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Why Choose Us

We use methods for structural repair that have been proven to work over time. We do not install so called “systems” that other companies are required to install due to manufacturer sponsorship. There is not a "one size fits all" when it comes to foundation and drainage repairs. The companies that manufacture these drainage systems, carbon fiber straps, and others do so to make it easier and faster for the installing company. Again that is easier and faster for the installing company; not necessarily the best product for the consumer. We would employ these “systems” or methods if the end result was a superior product. In our professional opinion, they are not. We would rather remove more material, replace it with new, and work harder to produce a lasting result for your investment.

We start with offering a free basement inspection. Our highly skilled inspector performs a comprehensive examination of your basement and crawl space, followed by other detailed external checks.

Upon completion of the inspection, we show you a list of problems alongside providing the subsequent solutions. We help you make an informed choice by making you aware of what needs to be done now and what can wait. After this, we furnish you with the best financial options in consideration of your home repair. Since we provide customized solutions, our prices differ for different homes and homeowners.

The next step includes scheduling the project. We set a date and time that can go with your schedule. Our team of professionals is always on time alongside bringing the equipment required to perform the tasks. Our experts are hardworking and courteous. They ensure they keep their area tidy and don't leave any mess behind.

Our work doesn't just end there. Our services stay with you through our lifetime owner-transferable warranty. We make sure we are there for you, even after doing our share of work

Connect with us if you want to experience the quality of our work. We assure you we leave no stone unturned in offering you the best solutions for your home repair.

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Your Most Trusted Home-Repair Partner in Columbus

Basement Remedy is a group of honest, hard working, and dedicated individuals committed to providing the best structural, waterproofing, and drainage repairs in the industry. We are a Veteran owned and operated business, which proudly employs our Nations Military Veterans and Wounded Warriors. Basement Remedy is a small company by design, enabling us to maintain the highest quality workmanship with superior results.

When you call Basement Remedy, be prepared to spend a few minutes on the phone. We want to get to know you as well as obtain as much information to better suit your needs.

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At Basement Remedy, providing high-quality services matters to us above everything else. When you entrust us with the opportunity of fixing your valuable homes, we take it upon us to create solutions that are meant to stay for years to come. Our services are an amalgamation of skilled workmanship, attention to detail, dedication, and integrity. We are dedicated to helping homeowners live better through high-quality services they can trust. Our work extends to every nook and corner of the state of Ohio, and we would be more than happy to heal your house with the utmost care.
Connect with us to experience firsthand what professional, precise, and quality home-repair experience looks like.

Foundation Repair for Home and Office

We help save your foundation from shifting, settling, or moving by analyzing the core causes behind it.

Waterproofing Crawl Space and Basement

The weather in Columbo is dominated by snow in winters and rains in warm seasons. Our goal is to save the health of you and your house by delving deep into the minutest of the problems so we can ultimately remove every trace of it.

High-End Drainage Solution

We understand how a sophisticated drainage system is mandatory to keep your home safe from hazardous leakages.


6269 Lithopolis Rd
Carroll, OH 43112
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Monday to Friday - 24/7
Our projects spell success because success is a project that is always under construction. We build and deliver your vision exactly every time!


6269 Lithopolis Rd
Carroll, OH 43112


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