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Sagging floors, cracked foundation, bowing basement wall, or a tilting chimney – foundation issues can be an overwhelming inconvenience. When faced with such a situation, the last thing to do would be to try and fix it on your own. This is where the need for a professional foundation and basement repair company comes into the picture. Foundation issues come accompanied by several signs to help you understand the type of problem you are dealing with and how exactly you can fix it.

Signs that Your Foundation Has A Problem

The first step to fixing your foundation issues would be to take immediate action. This is because leaving the issue unattended would exacerbate it further and pose potential dangers to the people living inside the home. The foundation red flags to watch out for include:

Uneven Floor

Most people assume that uneven floors are associated with the flooring system itself. This is a flawed assumption. In most cases, it is the shifting of the home’s foundation that causes an uneven floor.

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Bowing Walls

Hydrostatic pressure on the outside walls and expansive soils are usually to be blamed for causing bowing walls. Take immediate action in case you notice your foundation wall moving in the inward direction.

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Wall Crack

Wall cracks are also an important sign that indicates you need foundation repair as soon as possible.

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Sticking doors and windows

Load-bearing exterior walls can often cause cracks and openings to form around windows and openings of the doors. To avert any safety risks, it’s important to get it examined by professionals.

Other important signs of foundation fiascos include a sagging crawl space, buckling walls, and precarious foundation settlement.
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What Causes Foundation Problems?


If you’re wondering what causes unsafe foundation inconsistencies, here are the causes that are responsible:

1- Worsening soil settlement
2- Exposure of the Vented Crawl Space to moisture or water
3- Hydrostatic pressure and Clay Bowl Effect resulting from moisture saturation of the soil around the foundation.

Foundation problems are largely associated with the kind of ground your foundation was constructed on. The health and quality of the soil can also negatively impact your foundation.

What Solutions Work for Foundation Repair?

Different foundation issues require specific repairs. At Basement Remedy, we bring the power of an efficient workforce and high-end equipment to protect your foundation from crumbling. Here are some of our efficient solutions that can help fix your foundation permanently:


Foundation Piers system made of durable material to fix your foundation settling issue.

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Carbon fiber reinforcement

Carbon Fiber Reinforcement system to efficiently stabilize and straighten the foundation walls.

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Wall Reinforcing systems made of robust steel and a high-end fiber reinforcement system to fix any bowed or cracked walls permanently.

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Steel reinforce

Steel Reinforce System to fix titling walls without affecting the entire foundation.

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Underpinning System to fix titling walls without affecting the entire foundation.

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Which options are best for repairing my foundation?

Does Your Foundation Require Fixing?Basement Remedy Can Help!

With a comprehensive knowledge of the soil across Columbus, Ohio, we understand the impact unsuitable soil can have on your foundation. At Basement Remedy, we get to the root of your foundation issues. Once you connect with us, our foundation inspector will make an accurate analysis of your foundation problems. Based on your requirement and issues, our team will offer you an appropriate and long-lasting foundation repair solution. With us, you can rest assured that your home’s foundation is in safe hands. Get in touch with us to book your foundation repair inspection today!

We also provide professional waterproofing, basement repair, and drainage services.

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6269 Lithopolis Rd
Carroll, OH 43112
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6269 Lithopolis Rd
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